29 powerful images from protests worldwide

29 powerful images from protests worldwide

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WITH ALL THE UPHEAVAL and rebellion going on in the world today, we see a lot of photos when something crazy happens.

Sometimes, the images are so powerful and mesmerizing that they stick with you afterward and make you understand what’s happening in that conflict on a much deeper level.

In this gallery, we’ve collated photos from protests and demonstrations worldwide that you won’t forget anytime soon.


Athens, Greece

The fascist political party Golden Dawn started to rise to power in Greece, and last year anti-fascist and anarchist protests sprang up across the country in response, particularly in Athens. Molotov cocktails and police brutality were common fare.


Euromaidan, Ukraine

Violent demonstrations erupted in Kiev, Ukraine, in November 2013 as protesters called for the resignation of the president. In this photo, priests form a wall between protesters and police.


KKK, Georgia, USA

This photo of a small child touching his reflection in a policeman's shield during a Ku Klux Klan demonstration in Georgia in 1992 became famous. The child's first name is Josh, but nobody knows what happened to him.


Occupy Seattle, USA

During the Occupy protests in 2011, 84-year-old protester Dorli Rainey was pepper-sprayed in the face by police. This photo shows other protesters helping her to safety. A pregnant 19-year-old was also sprayed on the same night.


Athens, Greece

An anti-fascist protester is attacked by a policeman amid clouds of teargas during an anarchist protest in Athens.


Athens, Greece

The protesters fight back by shooting Molotov cocktails at police and members of Golden Dawn.


Elsipogtog First Nation, New Brunswick

First Nations protesters blocking a fracking company's access to native land in northeast Canada were met by excessive force on the part of the RCMP...but they eventually won, and the fracking company was turned away permanently.
(Photo: Ossie Michelin)


Occupy Gezi, Istanbul, Turkey

In May 2013, anti-development protesters occupied Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey. This protester quickly became famous for playing accordion to keep morale of the occupiers up.


Occupy Gezi, Istanbul, Turkey

This Sufi dancer wearing a gas mask was one of the most powerful images to come out of Gezi Park; he danced in different colored robes on different days, but always wore a mask. His identity is unknown.


Occupy Gezi, Istanbul, Turkey

The Woman in the Red Dress became a symbolic photo for the Gezi protesters: the beauty of the dress contrasted strongly with the brutality of the police firing pepper spray directly into her face.


Occupy Oakland, USA

As part of the larger Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Oakland created "Move In Day." Participants aimed to inhabit and renovate a long-abandoned building, making it into a community center. The police were not amused.


Occupy Oakland, USA

Protesters used homemade shields to stand their ground against police lobbing tear gas and smoke bombs.


Pepper spray cop, USA

During Occupy protests in 2011, students at UC Davis staged a demonstration on campus and Lt. John Pike became notorious for blithely walking along a row of protesters, pepper-spraying them in the face.


Vancouver riots, Canada

After the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins at the 2011 Stanley Cup, Vancouver hockey fans took to the streets to riot...and this couple was left in the aftermath.


Tahrir Square, Egypt

The square has become the de facto site for protests in Cairo. The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 started there, when millions of protesters took to the streets demanding the resignation of the president.
(Photo: Reddit user latenightcabdriving)


Crying cop, Philippines

A riot cop sent to block protesters in the Philippines began to cry and was comforted by protesters as the demonstration grew more violent on both sides.


Battle in Seattle, USA

The 1999 World Trade Organization negotiations were interrupted by enormous protests; police and protesters clashed extensively, and crowds were eventually dispersed with stun batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets.


Battle in Seattle, USA

The largest demonstration in the US up to that point, 40,000 protesters surrounded the convention center.


Idle No More, Canada

An ongoing protest movement that arose in 2012 among the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people of Canada as a reaction to treaty violations by the government, Idle No More also gained momentum as a global indigenous movement.


Prague Spring

In 1968, Communist leader Alexander Dubček led a movement in then-Czechoslovakia to remove Soviet authority; instead, the country split in two and the Soviet Union occupied them both for many years.


Abbasiya, Cairo, Egypt

As part of the ongoing Arab Spring, thousands or protesters marched into Abbasiya, a neighbourhood of Cairo. They were chased by police throwing rocks, and some were arrested and heavily beaten while being detained.


Euromaidan, Ukraine

Ukrainian protesters square off against riot police in a light snowstorm during the Euromaidan protests in early 2014.


Bogota, Colombia

A student protesting education reform tries to kiss a riot officer in Bogota in 2011.



The Occupy Gezi protests spread across all of Turkey and caused heated fighting between police and protesters in the streets of the nation.



The clashes between Palestinian militants and the occupying Israeli Army are heavily weighted in terms of firepower towards the much stronger and richer Israelis; these Palestinian children are running across the road to get to school.


Pussy Riot, Russia

As part of the anonymous Russian punk protest group prone to guerilla tactics, two members of Pussy Riot were arrested and held without bail in 2012 for "hooliganism."


Million Hoodie March, USA

In 2012, an unarmed 17-year-old African-American boy named Trayvon Martin was coming back from a convenience store with some candy, while wearing a hoodie, and was shot and killed by a self-appointed neighbourhood watchman, George Zimmerman. Thousands rallied for justice.


Caracas, Venezuela

In early 2014, protests in Venezuela were sparked when a couple was killed during a carjacking while their five-year-old daughter looked on; soon, public demonstrations of thousands protested the lack of basic goods and an increase in political violence.


UN Rio+20, Brazil

In 2012, a Brazilian indigenous man protested a summit on sustainable development as his traditional land was handed over to extraction companies for mining.

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